Here at BD Bunqr, we stand tall knowing we have built a encrypted private email system that addresses the most demanding security threats today.


Secure File Transfer

Securely send a clients file or refer a patient with X-rays. Easily add documents and pictures to your message. Using an Encrypted Messaging System has never been so easy. With BD Bunqr your mind will be at ease and your business protected.

Encrypted Email System

BD Bunqr uses an advanced Military Grade Encryption Algorithm to keep your data safe. Encryption is the first line of denfense to making your email unusable, unreadable and indecipherable to Internet hackers.

You Messages Organized

BD Bunqr has a clean, straight forward design, that will make using this Secure Email, easy to use.

Files Ready For Sharing

Send and receive email attachments between two validated users. BD Bunqr encrypts when you send and un-encrypts when you open.

We do this flawlessly, behind the scenes so no additional work is required of the you.

Organize Your Files in Folders and Share

Find the Email you sent or received quickly with our simple folder design. Mark your documents as Important or choose to Archive, based on your need.

Compose Messages & Share Files Easily

Composing a message is a snap. Create your own Avatar and Manage your signature effortlessly. Load files with our drag and drop feature or with file manager. All features with BD Bunqr are designed to be easy to use.

Share Files Quickly With a Link

When you send an encrypted email, your recipient will receive a message in their inbox, indicating they have an Email from you. The Email provides an active link to BDBunqr where they will sign in to recieve your message and attachments.